The Ideal Wedding Reception Sequence

We’ve hosted lots of weddings and receptions here at JPL Entertainment. Trust us when we say that the sequence of your reception is important to the overall vibe of your wedding. It is the order in which your activities take place. The goal is to keep the vibe upbeat, rather than fluctuating or winding down and boring people to death. What then is the right wedding reception sequence? Read on to find out.

• Cocktails Hour
This is before your reception starts. Have some light upbeat music playing as a nice way to ease into the fun mood of your reception after the seriousness of your wedding ceremony.

• Your Grand Entrance
By this time, all your guests should be seated. Set the mood with a fun entrance by having an upbeat song that gets your guests moving too. For them to have fun, show them you’re having fun too.

• The First Round of Speeches
Keep the attention of your guests going after your entrance with speeches from your maid of honor and best man. They are apt to be livelier and more fun and will help transition and set the mood for the more formal speeches.

• Entrées
Let your entrees be served after the first round of speeches are done. The tables should then be completely cleared before you have the next round of speeches come up too.

• The Second Round of Speeches
This is where the more formal speeches from your parents come in. People are waiting to be served the main course but aren’t starving because the entrees have already been taken.

• Main Course
The point most wedding guests have been waiting for, it’s food time again. Keep the mood with background music that isn’t too loud to drown out conversations.

• Cutting Your Cake
Set up the cutting of your cake once the table has been cleared. Encourage your guests to participate in other to set the mood for the next stage.

• Your First Dance
This is the moment when you and your partner enjoy your first time together since your ceremony began. This opens the door to all the other dances.

• Party Time
This is when everybody gets to dance. Try to avoid having your guests forced to sit down again after this has started.

• Dessert and Cake
Now that the dancing has started and your guests are free to dance and relax and keep dancing if they so please, is the best time to do desserts and the serving of the cake.

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