2 Ideas for A Special First Dance

Your first dance is an action that portrays the harmony between you both. It does this through the synchronization required to make the dance go smoothly. The love and chemistry between you will also on display. It is usually the first intimate and romantic moment between them after the wedding ceremony. Worried about your first dance? We are here to help.

Whether you choose a song from the classics by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra or you choose to go with something modern like Ed Sheeran or Adele, the first dance is an established special time between newly married couples. In this article, we’ve put together a few simple tips on how to make your first dance as a couple, go completely hitch-free.

• Choose a Song Special to You Both
In times past, when the foxtrot was the order of the day and balls were in fashion, a slow song would have best fit the occasion. In these modern times, however, the wedding celebration is all about the couple, so you can choose whatever song you see fit.

Since it is your first dance together, we would suggest a song you either both love or a song that reminds you both of something special. Something like a milestone in your relationship or thereabouts. A song like this is sure to make the stress of the day fall away and keep you both focused on each other, remembering the journey that has culminated in the beauty that is your wedding day.

• Take a Couples Dance Tutorial
Preparation is always a good way to reduce the anxiety and fear that comes with a big event. A great way to make sure that your first dance as a couple goes beautifully is to prepare for it by taking a couple of dance classes with your partner.

Lots of dance studios and instructors offer a first dance tutoring service for intending couples. Choose the song you want to use for your first dance, and together with the instructor, make up a routine for it. Learning a dance routine together can also double as a great time to bond with your partner before your wedding.

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