Why You Should Hire a DJ Instead of a Band for Your Wedding Reception

The decision to choose between a DJ and a band can be made less difficult than you think. Sadly, many couples spend a lot of time thinking about which one to hire. Some couples hire both but we think that’s being a little too excessive.

All you need is a professional wedding entertainer that can make the day a memorable one, and we’ll help you know what to look for when deciding on going for a DJ or a band.

The simple fact is, it’s better to hire a DJ than a band. Here are a few reasons you need to consider especially if you are running on a budget.

• Budget
A band is a lot more expensive to hire than a DJ which won’t help your case as a DJ is generally more flexible in terms of the songs he can play.

A band, on the other hand, is limited to the songs that they can perform. The whole idea of hiring either a DJ or a Band will be lost if you or your guests don’t enjoy yourselves as much as you want to.

• Song Requests
Bands generally work with the songs they can perform and this is often planned as soon as you make an appointment with them.
DJs also make plans, but guess what? With DJs, you and your guests can make song requests that weren’t included in the original songs lined up.
It doesn’t matter whether it is rock or pop music or R&B, DJs are not limited to particular genres of music.

• Flexibility
DJs are much more flexible in terms of the variety of music they play, their consistency, and their effort in keeping the atmosphere seamlessly bubbly.

• Reliability
In case of eventualities or you need another DJ at the wedding, it is easier to get one than it is to get an ‘extra’ or replacement band member that as is as good at playing an instrument as the original band member is.

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