5 Ways to Hire the Best DJ for Your Wedding

Your wedding DJ is responsible for your wedding entertainment which can significantly determine how much fun you and your guests have. It may seem like a lot putting the success of your wedding on just a DJ, but a good wedding DJ only sees this as a challenge and in every wedding he attends, he has something new and different to spin.

Hiring a good wedding DJ depends on how much research you make and how effectively you communicate your taste. A good wedding DJ may ask you whether you want a customized playlist or a random selection that fits your taste.
While a customized playlist is a good idea, it’s always better to not box yourself in and allow something different. Here are tips on hiring the best Wedding DJ.

• Know What You Want and Where to Find it
While you may think you know for sure what you want, it’s still advisable to have a sit-down and think about it for a short while.
Also, discuss with your partner and make decisions together.
Interview the DJs and ask them specifically what you want and if they can deliver. Make sure you are realistic with your requests and not over the top.

• Ask to Watch Videos of Their Performance
When you have narrowed your options down to just two or three DJs, ask for samples of their work to choose which best fits your style.
Ask for different videos in different events to see their range and flexibility. But if they don’t have that many samples to show, then look out for the quality of their performance.

• Have a ‘Do Not Play’ List? Give them
Perhaps more important than a playlist is a ‘do not play’ list. When you have decided on a DJ to hire, specifically give them your ‘do not play’ list if you have any.
This will help prevent future misunderstandings and awkwardness. Your ‘do not play’ list may also help them understand your style and music taste better.

• Sign a Contract
After you both reach an agreement, draft a contract, and sign it. Make sure all the important points are included and even the little details are included.

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