Parents and administrators want to know that the music will be kept clean, and the kids want to know that it will be fun and exciting. At JPL Entertainment, we promise both. Relax and let us transform a regular party into one students will remember in three easy steps:

Step 1. Tell us what you want

We start working long before the day of your event. We begin with a consultation to determine your needs and wishes for our level of involvement. Then, create a playlist with our online planner! Don’t worry, all the songs will be radio-edits!

Step 2. Use Our Resources

Next, our Music and Schedule Coordinators assist you in planning your event, taking into consideration your unique style, taste, and family backgrounds to create a personalized night.

Step 3. Relax and get married

Last, meet your DJ. Our guarantee is for the students to have a great time, but not get out of hand. Our entertainers will cooperate with the chaperone, as well as other vendors.


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